New or Back in Stock June 19-22

New or Back in Stock:
* Melon - Green Honeydew
* Kadejan Chicken
* Sandwiches
* Yogurt Parfait
(organic unless noted)
* Apples - Granny Smith, Fuji, Cripps
* Avocados - Haas - equal exchange
* Apricots
* Bananas - Equal Exchange
* Oranges - Valencia, Navel
* Beets - Red (MN)
* Cabbage -green, red
* Carrots - MN Grown, Rainbow

New or Back in Stock June 12-15

* Mini Yellow Watermelon
* Thirty-Two Degrees Coconut Water Kefir
* Aborio Rice
* Caesar Dressing, dairy free
(organic unless noted)
* Apples - Granny Smith, Fuji
* Avocados - Haas - equal exchange
* Apricots

Co-op Garage Sale Big success

Thank you to everyone who made our first garage sale a big success! You may have cleaned out your home and brought 'stuff' for us to sell. Maybe you came and bought another person's treasure. We raised $660! To do that in the store, we would have to sell over $1900 in goods. Another plus - the basement is getting cleaned out and steel shelving is being sold for some additional money. More important, we got a couple of new members!


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