Board Member positions open

The Annual Meeting June 21, 7pm at the Ideal Township Hall/Community Center is the time for all member-owners to meet, review the past year, elect board directors, look forward to the next year, and enjoy some fellowship with the community.

The current Board of Directors will report to the members, and expiring Board positions will be filled with new people.

New This Week - May 26

Fresh produce in this week includes Mangoes, Apples, Nectarines, Onions, Red Potatoes, Squash, Watermelon and more . . . 

Check out the Ice Cream freezer for some YUMMY frozen treats:

  • Chocolate covered bananas
  • Organic Coconut Bar
  • Dark Chocolate (dairy-free) LUNA & LARRY'S COCONUT BLISS bars

Featured Local Vendor: Ferndale Market Turkey

Ideal Green Market Cooperative is carrying a wonderful selection of free-range, antibiotic-free, hormone free and naturally processed turkey in a variety of presentations from Ferndale Market.  From smoked turkey breasts to whole turkeys, snack sticks (pepper-jack and cranberry) to grilling options, our meat freezer is well stocked.



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