Artisan Craft Fair at Ideal Green Market Sat Aug 22

Artisan Craft Fair to be hosted at Ideal Green Market Co-op Saturday, August 22, 9am-1pm along with the weekly farmers market.

The wealth of creativity in the community and interest on the part of art vendors has led to short notice of hosting this expanded farmers market to include more artists. Welcome to those who make their own artistic/craft products!


Remodeling at the Co-op

We’re ready for our remodeling at the co-op! A new food safety prep area for bulk products. Let the FUN begin!  The electrician is here now, and the plumber is here Monday, Aug. 17 to begin their work!  Things are perking!

YOUR help is needed for demolition in preparation for the plumber on Monday, Aug. 17-20.

We know it’s short notice and that is how this works ... I’m learning!


Saturday Aug 22 at Ideal Green Market Co-op!

FOOD VENDORS we know of so far...
Alder Song Farm (produce)
Amber Ecker Herbals (personal care products - bug stuff and sun screen included)
B & B Farm Co / Brakstad Green Acres (goat milk soap, chevre cheese, milled flours, chickens, ground beef)



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