Work day Progress

Great progress again at the co-op with work day! 

Such a great crew who've been dedicated throughout this remodel process. Today Member-Owners, Joan I. and Sandi B. are coming to work with Co-op Coordinator, Barb Mann on staining the front of the building exterior, adding a 2nd coat to the deck and MAYBE work on clear coat of poly on the indoor half wall car siding.

Moving along and crossing stuff off our list!


Farm Market /Art & Craft Fair Sat. Sept. 19, 9 am - 1 pm

AND food sampling of both a Vegetarian Chili or a Meat Chili made with Seed Savers Tomatoes, peppers, garlic, beans and local beef will be available, thanks to "chef" Geoff Davidge. Don't miss it!

Next Saturday, Sept. 26, is our last official farm market this season.  We MAY do October Saturdays, depending on weather!  Watch for emails.


GOAL is to OPEN MID-LATE OCTOBER, 2-3 days/week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday / Friday, Saturday), 9am-5pm? 10am-5pm? through the fall/winter leading to grand opening next Spring 2016!

YOUR help will be needed with:



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