New Volunteer opportunities

Did you know, the Crosslake St. Patty's Day celebration was voted Best St. Patrick's Day Celebration in the State of Minnesota!  We would LOVE for the Ideal Green Market to be represented in the parade and need a handful of people that would like to walk the parade route to represent the co-op. If you can help, please email or call us 218-543-6565.


Snowbirds continue supporting IGMC

To those of you who responded to our member-owner appeal last week, thank you! It's helping! So far we've raised $1,160.00. The Snow-bird appeal last September-October resulted in $1,200 which puts us at $2,360.00. Anything the rest of you can do to aid us through the winter months will help us maintain and keep the doors open.

Cosed Wed., Jan. 30 due to Frigid Temps

Ideal Green Market Co-op will be closed on Wed., Jan. 30, 2019 due to the extreme cold temps and wind chills.


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