* avocados
* raspberries (LOCAL - Grampa G's)
* shell peas (LOCAL - Grampa G's)
* cucumbers (LOCAL - Alder Song)
* yellow squash (LOCAL - Alder Song)
* Heirloom tomatoes
* new Nessalla Kombucha flavor - Raspberry
* flavored honey

* FRESH ORGANIC BREAD - Positively 3rd Street Bakery in Duluth: 8-Grain, Northern Flax, Wild Rice, Golden White Wheat, (Hotdog & hamburger buns in freezer)


Saturday Smoothies 10 am - Noon

NEW:  We'll be offering smoothies for sale, 10-noon, using co-op ingredients!

FARMERS' MARKET Saturday, 9am-1pm

STORE HOURS: Wed - Fri, 10am-6pm; Sat., 9am-3pm
MISSION: To provide access to local, healthy, sustainable food and products.

FARMERS' MARKET Saturday, 9am-1pm.  Vendors we know will be present: Alder Song Farm, Cookie Crumbs, Leinbach's, Rising Star Baked goods, Fresh Air Natural Meats, Smude Oil/Kowalzek Honey & Salves. (Brakstad Green Acres will be absent) Additional vendors welcome!

FRIENDLY REMINDER: please leave pets at home or in your vehicle. (Food regs). Thank you!


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