Our Local growers

Our Local growers (within 100 miles, many only 30 miles away) are producing greens and bringing them in for your dining delight!  Lettuce mixes (mesculin, gourmet, butter leaf), spinach, baby arugula, romaine, & baby radishes. 

2018 Seed Saver Exchange Seeds are here!

2018 Seed Saver Exchange Seeds are here!

So now that it's FINALLY spring you can come get your seeds.

Barb said she has already started digging and prepping her soil and was surprised to be able to dig down 8-12" in most places. WOO HOO!

2018 Seed Saver Seeds are available in the store. You can start seeds in-doors to get a jump start for planting outside the end of May into June as the soil warms up.  Seed Potatoes available too (red & white).

We still have 2017 seeds discounted and germination from Seed Savers Seeds are still pretty good second year.

NEW THIS WEEK, OR back in: May 2-5

* Bartlett Pears (let's hope this batch is as wonderful as the last we had - YOU loved them!)
* Zucchini
* Plain & Vanilla Organic Grassmilk Yogurt
* Shredded Parmesan Cheese
* Maranatha No Stir Organic Creamy Peanut Butter
* Aldens Organic Ice Cream Sandwich treat
* White Mountain Foods Bulgarian Yogurt
* Rumiano Slice Cheese - Medium & Sharp Cheddar
* Organic Valley Slice Deli Ham


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