NEW THIS WEEK, OR back in: Nov 14 - 17

PRODUCE (organic unless noted)
* Brakstad peppers, winter squash! (Pequot Lakes)
* Alder Song Farm's greens still coming in (Merrifield)
* Northwoods Organics - red onions (Pine River)
* MN Apple Cider - pressed
* MN Hoch Fireside Apples & Regent Apples
* Grampa G's - variety of those little hot peppers, priced per lb
* romaine - LOCAL, Barry's Cherries - Staples
* Cabbage -green, red
* celery
* cucumbers
* radish - French Breakfast
* leeks
* beets (MN)
* Root Veggie Soup Mix (good for roasting too)

Fundraising goal is $1,500 for new building sign.

Consider a special donation to our "jar" for a new sign to put on the top front of the building. The Board is moving ahead with plans for the exterior signs on the building. We've been raising funds all summer with a goal of $1,500 and have raised $1,200 to date.

Order early for discount on turkeys

Remember to place your turkey order (they're whole and frozen) to take advantage of the early discount. They begin arriving next week. A few of you have already placed your orders which is great!

FERNDALE MARKET (Canon Falls, MN) WHOLE FROZEN TURKEYS (10-24 lbs) 1st shipment received. $2.20/lb (correction).
You can still reserve one NOW at a discount - 10% off for members, 5% off for friends! THIS OFFER ENDS THIS WEEK. 2nd shipment of turkeys due next week.


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