Upcoming events

  • Sat., May 25 - Start of the Farmers Market 9am to 1pm 
  • Sat., June 1 - IGMC Pancake Breakfast (during the Farmers Market)
  • Sat., June 15 - IGMC Community Garage Sale and Fundraiser (during the Farmers Market)


New or Back in Stock May 15-18

* Israeli Couscous 
* Bob's Redmill Easy Mixes
* Birchwood Cafe Turkey Burgers 
Back in Stock:   
* Whole Grain Milling Tortilla Chips 
* All your S'more making goodies! 
*Alaska Wild Fish and Co. Snack Packs 
*Ferndale Turkey - Cranberry Turkey Sticks, Rachel Sausages, Ground Turkey Chubs, Tenderloins, Boneless Breast, and Thigh Packs + NEW Birchwood Cafe Turkey Burgers 

Co-op seeks team to create garden for spring planting

Anyone interested in helping create a garden at the co-op out back? MEMBERS NEEDED. We seek volunteers to help with creating a teaching garden behind the co-op (so far there are 6 garden volunteers). We're in the beginning stages of design and development and will seek funding to help with a fence and other supplies. Should be FUN! Call 218-543-6565 or Email us and let us know of your interest, we'll keep you posted.


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