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Azure Standard May news

Fresh Grown Produce

  • Fresh Asparagus, Organic from Azure Husbandry – good quantities are being picked now and each bundle is 3 lbs. These substantial stalks are actually very tender.
  • Heirloom Sweet Meat Squash, Organic from Azure Husbandry - (3-4 lb. cut) taste this winter squash before this season's supply is gone. And, leftover squash makes wonderful "pumpkin" pies or cakes.

Time to plant

  • Sarah's Starts - Organic vegetable and flower starts are in peak season now. Buy 12 or more 4" Sarah's Starts and get 2 free seed packs. And, we're very proud of Sarah's Heirloom Tomato varieties this year.
  • Native Nutrients - Kelp Help is a certified organic all-purpose biologically active liquid plant auxiliary applied to plants, soils, and seeds. Check out their Fish On! organic products as well. On sale now!

Buyer's Pick

  • Biokleen Laundry Liquid  - Sport scent includes lavender and eucalyptus in 3x concentrate from an independent business dedicated to sustainability. Use only one ounce for a seriously clean wash. It's a buyer's favorite product.
  • Artisana Organics - these raw nut butters have an amazing taste, excellent dense nutrition and offer a great dessert serving with apples or pears. Perfect for spreads or smoothies. On sale this month!
  • 30% DISCOUNT!! - Clearwater Cultures Organic Probiotic Herbal Healing Cream and Soap
    Small artisan batches of healing cream and soap, high in natural minerals and salts, vitamins, and medicinal healing properties. 90+ immune system-boosting herbs, goat milk kefir, hand fileted fresh aloe leaves and healing essential oils. Home grown wild-crafted herbs, olive, coconut & almond oil, shea butter, organic beeswax and ancient indigenous probiotic microorganisms. Their methods are must read among people who value natural cultured, healing skin creams.

Health and beauty secrets

  • Earth Lab Cosmetics - New to Azure, these vegan cosmetic products are natural formulas with organic ingredients and gluten free. The eye pencil comes in black, espresso, grape and smoke. Feel good looking good and it's on sale!
  • Trace Minerals ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops - This is the top selling trace mineral supplement in the natural channel, and one of the most powerful natural health mineral supplements in the world. It's an Azure buyer favorite and on sale at 20% off right now!
  • Nordic Naturals EPA Elite - This offers the highest concentration of omega-3 EPA for therapeutic, high-intensity support for normal triglyceride levels and a healthy heart. On sale this month.
  • Oregon's Wild Harvest - Milk Thistle Dandelion is used to support liver functions and help with de-toxingOWH combines traditional knowledge with new scientific research to provide customers with the best products on the market today. On Sale.

Baking and bulk

  • Trim Healthy Mama  - New Baking Blend! Finally we found a gluten free, low glycemic baking mix not loaded with excessive fuel. This great tasting blend is gentle on blood sugar and low in calories. Use for biscuits, muffins, pancakes, waffles, fried breading. Oat fiber and organic coconut flour......yummmm. On Sale for a limited time.
  • Bulk Quinoa - a complete protein, this ancient plant is gluten-free by nature We eat the seed and it expands to four times its volume when cooked. Makes a very light breakfast cereal, or excellent side dish mixed with veggies and tangy dressing. We have bulk 25 lbs on sale now.
  • Azure Farm Organic Hard White Whole Wheat Flour - With protein and fiber levels comparable to high protein Red Wheat, this flour produces a bread light in texture and color. The Azure Unifine process produces a nutrient rich flour. We have several Azure Farm dry goods products on sales now at 10% off. Look for Red Beans, White Beans and Barley Flour.

Yours in Abundant Living,
The Azure Team


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