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Hi Steering Committee members,

Thanks, John, for setting up this wonderful Ideal Green Market site. 

We have invited Jeff from the Old Milwaukee Club to Thursday's meeting.  He has some interesting ideas we might use to get going immediately in a small way-- and he has experience.  He also has feedback on the co-op from his customers.

See you tomorrow.


Thanks Judy

The site is pretty powerful with full user management & permissions functions - plus we can add modules to provide additional functions.

I've already added a "Book" function that allows editors to add & edit pages that are organized into a long document and automatically linked together to form a sequence. We can have multiple books, so I thought maybe it could be used to create our core documents - action plan, business plan, bylaws, etc.

Another  thing I want to add is an  calendar function that we can use to promote events (store schedule, meetings, farmer markets, education, etc) to the public and also have private events that are visible only to steering committee, editors, members and/or volunteers.


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