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Hugh's Gardens

Certified organic red, yellow, russet & purple potatoes, sweet carrots, winter squash & other seasonal vegetables.


Bemidji, MN

Ancient grains blenda, seasonings, snack bars

Kadejan Chicken

Glenwood, MN

Antibiotic free, air chilled, minimally processed, no artificial ingredients

Kowalzek's Soothing Salves

  • Creams & Soothing Salve Products
  • Transcendence Night Creams
  • Hair Repair Cream
  • Lip Balms
  • Beeswax Products
  • Honey & Soap Products
  • Kowalzek's Therapeutic Massage

La Perla Tortillas

Minneapolis, MN


"It wasn’t long before it seemed everyone wanted fresh tortillas"

Live Aqua

Staples, MN

Produce - hydroponic in winter

Loose Leaf Harmony

Offering organic, kosher and fair trade loose leaf tea. Organic, Kosher and Fair Trade Loose Leaf Tea in 1 oz. packages. 2 oz packages coming soon.

Stephanie Kirkham
Phone: (218) 831-4220

Maple Ridge Produce & Bread

Aitkin, MN

Fresh milled flour from local grain- whole wheat bread (67% made with local ingredients within 30 miles) and cranberry wild rice (37% made with local ingredients within 30 miles of Aitkin). These breads are larger loaves, full of local sourced goods, and flavor!



Gardening resources

Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit 501(c)(3) status organization dedicated to saving and sharing seeds.



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The Non-GMO Project

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Cook Smarts is designed to educate, inspire, and nourish.


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