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From IGMC Board President

Hello IGMC Members,

At the June 26, 2017 IGMC board meeting, I was elected president of the board, succeeding Geoff Davidge.  I would like to thank our outgoing board members, Geoff, Abbie Schramm, Jason Baca and John Plein for their dedication to getting the IGMC launched.  Our new board members, Taren Saccoman, Megan Loukota , Joan Ingebrigtson and Pam Cunningham join myself, Steve Roe and Mike Winkels incumbent board members.  I am pleased to have an age diverse group to share ideas and to continue the mission of the IGMC.


* avocados
* raspberries (LOCAL - Grampa G's)
* shell peas (LOCAL - Grampa G's)
* cucumbers (LOCAL - Alder Song)
* yellow squash (LOCAL - Alder Song)
* Heirloom tomatoes
* new Nessalla Kombucha flavor - Raspberry
* flavored honey

* FRESH ORGANIC BREAD - Positively 3rd Street Bakery in Duluth: 8-Grain, Northern Flax, Wild Rice, Golden White Wheat, (Hotdog & hamburger buns in freezer)


zucchini noodles, LOCAL blueberries & blackberries

Zucchini noodles with heirloom tomatoes, broccoli and snap peas topped with parmesan cheese. YUM!

Pat the food prep wonder, transformed the zucchini this week into "noodles"! AMAZING!  They're all prepped for you and ready to use for an easy stir fry base - just warm them up a tad (don't want them mushy), chop up some veggies and serve them over the top of the spiralized zucchini and you have a healthy easy supper!  OR you can lightly sautee them in oil, add seasoning and grated parmesan cheese for a nice, tasty side dish!  COOL!  You'll find these "noodles" in the back cooler with the veggies!


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