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Work Days and Remodeling


  • Sept 16, Wednesday, 1-5pm
  • Sept 23, Wednesday, 1-5pm

Our remodel work is going well with phase 1 of plumbing done, and the plumbing wall is closed in.
Next tasks on list are:

  • build half wall around food prep area
  • install ceramic tile floor
  • finish plumbing and schedule final inspection to get food license
  • finish painting shelving,
  • clean refrigerator cooler and freezers
  • stain porch/deck and railing
  • yard work
  • foundation insulation to ready for winter
  • drain field/septic insulation in prep for winter
  • safety posts around well-head
  • interior paint to freshen walls
  • eventually setting up shelves and readying for inventory

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HARD WORK ALREADY and for your commitment to the vision/mission of Ideal Green Market Co-op! It's great working with all of you and not only are we about building a local food economy, we're building friendships and community!


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