GRAB 'N GO this week September 6-9

   FRESH SANDWICHES: turkey (whole and half)
   many beverages, chips, cheese

Kevita beverages, and melons too

Barb tried all 3 of the new Kevita beverages we got in last week and WOW! Both tonics, Meyer Lemon & Ginseng Mandarin, are FANTASTIC & refreshing. And the Mojito - lime, mint, coconut probiotic beverage is also very good! Thanks to those who recommended these.
Our glorious greens - local - are fantastic, as always. And the cantaloupe and watermelon are amazing!

GRAB 'N GO this week July 5-8

    * Fresh-made Sandwiches
    * SALAD of WEEK - Roasted Sweet Potato
    * beverages, chips, fruit
    * chocolate sweet treats
    * energy bars & drinks
    * bagged ice (5 lb & 20 lb)


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