GRAB 'N GO this week

    * Fresh-made Sandwiches
    * SALAD of WEEK - Roasted Sweet Potato
    * beverages, chips, fruit
    * chocolate sweet treats
    * energy bars & drinks
    * bagged ice (5 lb & 20 lb)

GRAB 'N GO this week

    * Fresh-made Sandwiches (ham this week)
    * SALAD of WEEK - Butternut Squash & Quinoa
    * Beverages, remember we offer single serve size milk (1% and chocolate)
    * Fresh squeezed orange juice (naval & valencia oranges)
    * variety of single packs of chips, nuts, dried fruit, energy bars
    * many chocolate options, and soon to arrive Fancy Pants Chocolate of Brainerd


    * Fresh-made Sandwiches
    * MANY beverages to choose from
    * string cheese & jerky choices
    * single size chips & munchies (including nuts & dried fruits)
    * Ice Cream (and non-dairy) frozen treats! YUM! (vanilla fudge bars, choc covered vanilla bean ice cream bars, salted caramel bars - dairy and non-dairy, blackberry sorbet bars, ice-cream sandwich, fudge bars, coconut bliss bars)


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