Please note that we have a sign up board in FRONT of the store on the Beverage cooler. Have a little time?  Jot down when you can come in and what you're willing to do.  We have need for short-time and one-time help (like helping with a chili lunch at the last market Sept 30, or building a shelf unit), as well as some on-going needs (like cleaning every other week, dusting food cans and shelves, helping process orders, etc.)

Spring Ideal Meals

Lemon Asparagus Quinoa with Parmesan

Highlighting the flavors of spring and using products from the Ideal Green Market Cooperative.

Ideal Meals Class Monday was a BIG hit!

The Ideal Meals class held this past Monday was a BIG hit! Thank you to all who attended!

The quinoa salad and the mini cheesecake-like dessert was awesome! Thank you Bonnie & Pat for all your work prepping, cooking & sharing your tips and tricks!


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