fresh produce locally grown

Still time to buy good food!

* FRESH SCONES ON THURSDAY (10am) & FRIDAY MORNING! (may be some on Saturday)
* pumpkins for display ($4-7)


... for being part of a great season of goods!  And a BIG Thank You to all who have supported local growers and producers by shopping regularly! We look forward to more local bounty again in 2018.

2017 Ideal Farmers' Market Vendors:

  • Alder Song Farm
  • B&B Farm Co.
  • Brakstad Green Acres
  • Cookie Crumbs
  • Fresh Air Natural Meats
  • Leinbach's
  • Patchwork Farm Pork
  • Red Barn Apple Orchard
  • Red Truck Gardens
  • Rising Star Baked goods
  • Smude Oils & Kowalzeks Honey & Salves

What's IN STOCK THIS WEEK - Sept 27 - 30

* FRESH SCONES ON THURSDAY (10am) & FRIDAY MORNING! (may be some on Saturday)
* LOCAL Pine River apples
* many new gift packs of products and fun items such as Dr. Bronner's soap pack and loofah, Boondock Enterprises gift pack of MN berry preserves or mustards. Soon will have gift packs of wild rice and MN berry syrups/jams
* ALSO member/owner arts - pottery for sale by Cyrus Swan, fall decor, soon there'll be jewelry and cards
PRODUCE (organic unless noted):


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