fresh produce locally grown

NEW & BACK Sept. 20-23

* Honey Crisp apples (MN)
* Green Beans
* Avocados back in
* Wine Cap Mushrooms (LOCAL) - white stem, dark red cap and have a nutty flavor
* Butternut squash LOCAL

New and fresh this week Sept. 6-9

NEW / back in Produce:
* leeks - LOCAL
* ground cherries - LOCAL
* Black Mission Figs
* Cantaloupe (MN)
* Broccoli (MN)
* Brussel Sprouts

* FRESH SCONES ON THURSDAY (10am) & FRIDAY MORNING! (may be some on Saturday)

Fresh local produce is coming in like crazy

And it's oh so very good!  Corn (non GMO and chemical free) is due in today, onions, leeks, summer squash, cukes, greens, ground cherries are going fast, potatoes are coming in along with tomatoes.  

This past weekend Barb made a cherry tomato tart on a homemade crust with parmesan cheese in it, then a layer of ricotta and goat cheese with herbs, scallions & garlic, the tomatoes, all drizzled with a lemon-basil dressing! SO good and even great left-over.


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