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Great produce harvest continues!

This week the great produce harvest continues! What an abundant time of year in our north country! We’re grateful to our growers both local and beyond!

GREENS: romaine, red and green leaf lettuces, cabbage, kale

ROOT VEGGIES: potatoes – reds, fingerlings, variety of white; carrots – traditional and rainbow; rutabagas; onions – including red cippolini; limited radishes

OTHER: broccoli; cauliflower; mushrooms, celery

Great selection of produce

We are excited to see all the 'new' local produce that has been coming into the market for your tables! 

You'll find fantastic, garden fresh veggies including crisp slicing cucumbers from Alder Song Farms now with their OWN shelves in the Produce Cooler! Tomatoes will be coming soon, from Alder Song Farms.


LOTS of great greens and veggies

Both local and beyond to meet your needs (lettuces, romaine, spinach, kale, endive)
MORE satsuma oranges - the little, easy peel ones - oh so VERY good and juicy!
pomegranates & medjool dates
more of those FANTASTIC avocados and d'anjou Pears!



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