fresh produce

Abundance of produce and goodness

Mixed lettuces (Alder Song Farm)
radishes, rainbow carrots and lettuces (Grampa G's)
cauliflower (Really rev up the flavor by oven roasting cauliflower drizzled with olive oil. Mix in other root veg like carrots, garlic and onions. Here's a link to a great recipe:

fresh guacamole & roasted goodness

Just made some fresh guacamole - organic, of course, $3.99/container!  Come on it!  Limited quantities!

Also, plenty of greens and Geoff's Chop available for an easy side dish to your meal; lots of MN meat & poultry in freezer from beef roasts, t-bones, ground beef, pork roasts, chops, turkey breasts, thighs and a few smoked turkey legs, chicken - whole and parts.

Chopped cauliflower and romanesco for easy roasting or steaming.  Lots of great potatoes & squash!  POT ROAST ANYONE?

See you!



tasty sliced and cut mangos for $1.99/pk. DANG they're good! (limited)  AND Root Chop too.



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