fresh produce

fresh guacamole & roasted goodness

Just made some fresh guacamole - organic, of course, $3.99/container!  Come on it!  Limited quantities!

Also, plenty of greens and Geoff's Chop available for an easy side dish to your meal; lots of MN meat & poultry in freezer from beef roasts, t-bones, ground beef, pork roasts, chops, turkey breasts, thighs and a few smoked turkey legs, chicken - whole and parts.

Chopped cauliflower and romanesco for easy roasting or steaming.  Lots of great potatoes & squash!  POT ROAST ANYONE?

See you!



tasty sliced and cut mangos for $1.99/pk. DANG they're good! (limited)  AND Root Chop too.


MEMBER SPECIALS to greet October!

50% off all ice cream treats (not the half gallons, but all else) and 10% off all household products (cleaning supplies, paper goods, etc.).


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