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"In the Midwest, most fresh fruits and vegetables travel an average of 1,500 miles before they are sold by your grocer. You can reduce transportation impacts by purchasing local foods. You'll also gain flavor, nutrition, and opportunities to know who grows your food." (from Minnesota Grown)

Hey Snowbirds, take along MN products for holiday gifts!

For those of you beginning to head back to your Fall/Winter homes, we invite you to consider taking home with you MN products we offer, or other gifty items you could give - wild rice; local berry jams, jellies & syrups; chaga products; Swedish Dishclothes; local lotions & soaps; tooth crystals created in Crosslake; MN Maple Syrup; MN tortilla chips; local grass-fed beef and pork products; local free-range chickens; locally roasted coffee beans; due in Wednesday- collapsible shopping baskets; and so much more!  OH - and we offer Gift Certificates!

NEW & BACK IN THIS WEEK June 28 - July 1

* Braeburn Apples
* cantaloupe
* mini watermelon
* snap peas
* purple garlic
* lactose free skim milk

* FRESH ORGANIC BREAD - Positively 3rd Street Bakery in Duluth: 8-Grain, Flax, Wild Rice, Sourdough, Golden Wheat buns: Hotdog & hamburger buns (sprouted grains bun choices in freezer)


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