local food and products

Local, dairy, bulk goods, seeds

LOCAL & MN Meats & Poultry & Eggs!

Dairy & Non-Dairy Options (milks, ice cream, cheeses, whipping cream, half 'n half, sour cream)

BULK GOODS - herbs, spices, flours, beans, rice, MN popcorn, nuts, dried fruits

SEED SAVER SEEDS! REMEMBER you can order starter plants too and they'll be here end of May (forms at the check out)

Not sure if we have it?  Call us and we'll check for you (218) 543-6565.

Your local, healthy food destination!

OPEN: Friday, 11am-7pm; Sat. 9am-3pm, Wed & Thurs, 11am-6pm.
Make Ideal Green Market your destination for local, sustainable healthy food and products. Like our FRESH Squeezed Naval Orange Juice in cooler!- SO good!

Great produce and other food at the Co-op!

Meyer lemons
Celery - GREAT PRICE at $.80 lb
Red and Green peppers
Rainbow carrots
Curry & Fig Salad Girl Dressing is in! (People have been asking for it)

LOCAL: Romaine and Alder Song Farm lettuce

NEW:  Root Vegetable Mix great for roasting, soups and stews. Used them for years. Ask about them.
Holiday Smoked Gouda Cheese Ball


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