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Great produce harvest continues!

This week the great produce harvest continues! What an abundant time of year in our north country! We’re grateful to our growers both local and beyond!

GREENS: romaine, red and green leaf lettuces, cabbage, kale

ROOT VEGGIES: potatoes – reds, fingerlings, variety of white; carrots – traditional and rainbow; rutabagas; onions – including red cippolini; limited radishes

OTHER: broccoli; cauliflower; mushrooms, celery

More about Organic…

Organic Certification has been verified for all organic product shipped from our Minnesota-based cooperative partner warehouse.

LOCAL PRODUCE – Many of our local farmers are starting to supply the Co-Op with some great produce as well. While many of them DO follow organic planting and harvesting practices, they may not have been certified organic officially, but for all practical purposes are. Minnesota grown and local products are identified in our signage too!

Sourcing local and organic produce for YOU is one of the great goals of the Ideal Green Market Co-op!

Produce and grocery deliveries

Many of you have asked when we get our produce and grocery deliveries. As you may (or may not know); we work with a cross-docking system that allows us to receive organic produce and products from throughout the State of Minnesota as well as other organic sources. That delivery happens on Tuesday morning and we usually have the produce on the shelves, ready for purchase by mid-afternoon.



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