100 Co-op Member-Owners!

Good Morning IGMC Board Members, past Incorporating Board Members, and Past Steering Committee Members-

Just HAD to CELEBRATE! We are at 100 CO-OP MEMBER-OWNERS!  Of course the Board has to officially vote on the pending applications (6) at this point before publicly declaring 100.  With YOU however, we can CELEBRATE NOW!

Congrats for all your hard work, ground work/foundation, promotion, belief in the vision/dream, and moving it forward to this point!


Articles of Incorporation approved

As of October 2, 2014 Ideal Green Market Cooperative has Articles of Incorporation Certificate of Organization from the MN Sec. of State. as a 308B to do business in MN!

Kudos steering committee!

Ideal Green Market Co-op needs volunteers to serve on our board and act as officers. A steering committee of several volunteers have been meeting weekly on Monday afternoons from 3-5 pm. The purpose is to open an active food cooperative by Spring 2015.


Letter to the Editor Sept. 15, 2014

People who are interested in forming an Ideal Green Market food co-op here in Ideal Township met Monday, September 15, with Nancy Cross. Nancy works with Brainerd Community Action and has the knowledge necessary to help groups organize the legal governing documents required to establish a business. Nancy will help the steering committee write and submit Articles of Incorporation and by-laws for Ideal Green Market.



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