root chop

NEW and BACK IN THIS WEEK - Oct 18 - 21

* FRESH SCONES ON THURSDAY (10am) & FRIDAY MORNING! (may be some on Saturday)
* root vegetable mix great for soups and roasting - this was a big hit last fall/winter!
* Bosc Pears (also actually good for roasting filled with blue cheese - ask Pat about it!)
PRODUCE (organic unless noted):
* LOCAL leaf lettuce varieties
* tomatoes - LOCAL
* broccoli (MN)
* cauliflower (MN)
* celery
* cucumbers LOCAL

We have Root Chop!

You KNOW it's Fall when we have root chop again!  Pat made root chop so it's all prepped and bagged for you to simply preheat your oven to 450, lightly douse the chop with oil and seasoning, spread out on a pan and pop them in the oven to roast. OR throw them in a soup pot to enhance any soup. YUM!

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