salad of the week

GRAB 'N GO this week July 26-29

    * Fresh-made Sandwiches
    * SALAD of WEEK - Broccoli, Grape, Onion w/ Salad Girl Dressing
    * beverages, chips, fruit
    * chocolate sweet treats
    * energy bars & drinks
    * water in glass bottles (better on environment) & plastic for lighter weight travel (BPA free), even have a high electrolyte water option for those who need the boost, like bikers
    * bagged ice (5 lb & 20 lb)

Check out these specials!

REMEMBER - NEW ICE CREAM TREATS!  non-dairy options too!
    * Fresh-made Sandwiches to go
    * SALAD OF THE WEEK: Penne with tomatoes & other veggies (grab 'n go 1/2 lb and 1-lb)

MEMBER SPECIAL: 10% off all dry bulk goods (except herbs and spices)

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