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Scandia Valley Dairy, local supplier of FANTASTIC EGGS recently evaluated their 2015 records. They've been taking a loss on the eggs given the price of "transitional" feed (feed in the process of becoming certified organic, just not there yet per the regs, though organic practices for sure). As a result, you'll note a price increase on eggs next time you purchase.

Local dairy grows to keep Co-op in supply

We received 21 dozen eggs from Scandia Valley Dairy (Brainerd) AND more Chipotle goat cheese from them as well! WE are impacting THEIR growth as a local business! They purchased 25 more laying hens just to keep us supplied with FANTASTIC FRESH eggs!  How COOL is that?!  We're all happy about that!  Everyone wins!  I made some great egg salad and even added in pesto (basil based) - very nice!

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