thank you Member-owners

Round Table Member-Owner Meeting Feb. 4th at 5:30pm

Mark your calendars for FEBRUARY 4, 2019 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Round Table Member-Owner Meeting. Your input is valuable to us! This is a member-owners meeting to discuss all things co-op (more of, less of, services, etc.) For those member-owners who cannot attend, a separate email will go out so that you can give us your thoughts and input too!

'Pick your Day' Member Discount, Dec. 19-22

During the week of Dec. 19-22, Members get $10 off one purchase (minimum $50 purchase) during one day of their choosing.

It's the Co-op's way of saying "thank you" for patronizing YOUR co-op!


To date we have received $600 from our snow-birds and we are grateful. We look forward to receiving continued "snow-bird" donations to aid us through the lean fall-winter months.

What is so amazing is that some of you who are here year-round are even adding to the "pot" which is wonderful! A true indication that we're in this together; and together our dollars speak volumes about what we want in seeing this co-op exist and continue to grow.


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