thank you volunteers

Grateful and Thankful!

Elsa and I would like to express how Grateful and Thankful we are to each and everyone of you. You have made our job a joy to be at. You have made us feel welcome and that we matter. Not many get to have this feeling at their places of employment. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you!

Abundant gratitude

The owner members, staff and board of the Ideal Green Market Cooperative would like to thank the community for its support of our Farm to Table Lunch and Silent Auction on November 10, 2018.
Special thanks to the Old Milwaukee Saloon & Eatery Owner Jeff Feltmann and staff Chef Kevin, Waitress Sheri, and Manager Tracy for Farm to Table fundraising success! We appreciate the community partnership as we continue to grow and be a presence in Ideal Corners and surrounding communities!

Thank you New Volunteers!

Thank you so much to all the new volunteers we have had over the last few weeks! Your help is much appreciated! Zach and Megan have enjoyed working with all of you immensely!


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