Where the rubber meets the road...

If you can volunteer an hour or two at the Co-op, read on...

There's a new "To-Do" Check List (see below) for Volunteers to work from - as you are able - and based on what you like to do, or are willing to do. Once your task is finished, enjoy crossing it off the checklist posted in the back hallway at the Co-op.


Thanks to Volunteers

A few messages of thanks...

"I am so grateful for the diverse skills that are seen at the co op thru the volunteers. From keeping the website info current to stocking shelves and keeping the store and grounds clean. It has been my pleasure to meet so many people with so much to offer. Thank you."
 - Bonnie, VP of the Board of Directors

Volunteers Support Co-op everyday

THANK YOU to ALL who ARE so very helpful at the Co-Op store in checking in orders, cleaning and processing produce, cleaning and helping in so many other ways.  Your presence and assistance is a blessing and we are very fortunate to have you as dedicated volunteers.


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