whole foods grocery near Crosslake

Local food in abundance!

We have an abundance of local and organic food selections, so come on in for a bit of goodness!  We are grateful!  We met a new customer yesterday who was so excited about finding us!  He shared with us he's lost over 100 lbs in the past 15 months and all he's done differently is quit eating junk food and switched to eating organic and learning more about healthy eating.  He's learning, along with so many of us, the value of eating clean and healthy.  WAY TO GO!


* a few ham salad and turkey sandwiches in the grab 'n go cooler
* Raspberries

* Fresh Fava Beans (will be sampling a fava bean dip later in week) (no saturated fat or cholesterol and contain a high concentration of thiamin, vitamin K, vitamin B-6, potassium, copper, selenium, zinc and magnesium. They are also an inexpensive source of lean protein and fiber.)
Here's a link to some recipes


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