whole foods grocery near Pequot Lakes

It's almost HALLOWEEN!

Where has October gone! Surprise us - Come in costume, and get 5% off your purchase!

NEW and BACK IN THIS WEEK - Oct 18 - 21

* FRESH SCONES ON THURSDAY (10am) & FRIDAY MORNING! (may be some on Saturday)
* root vegetable mix great for soups and roasting - this was a big hit last fall/winter!
* Bosc Pears (also actually good for roasting filled with blue cheese - ask Pat about it!)
PRODUCE (organic unless noted):
* LOCAL leaf lettuce varieties
* tomatoes - LOCAL
* broccoli (MN)
* cauliflower (MN)
* celery
* cucumbers LOCAL

the coffee is on for you

As you get out and enjoy a lovely Fall drive with the sun and colors, plan to stop at the co-op for a snack and tasty goods for your evening dinner.  Though the Saturday Farmers' Markets are done for the season, we'll still have the coffee on for you and smiles a-plenty whenever you make it in!


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