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Ideal Green Market Cooperative Mission: to provide access to local, sustainable, healthy food and products

The Co-op has an elected Board of Directors and officers, a Mission, Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, a Membership Application, a fully operating local, whole foods grocery in an accessible building with equipment, this website and a Facebook page, and a volunteer base developing into several task groups. We have many ways you can volunteer at Ideal Green Market, email the board or stop in to learn more.

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A Member-Owner campaign continues toward establishing this food cooperative in Ideal Corners, which is located smack-dab between Pequot Lakes, Breezy Point, and Crosslake, MN. Though the particulars continue to be defined, and our success continues to depend on the support of the community, the Board of Directors are confident that access to local, sustainable, healthy food and products will continue to be available at the Ideal Green Market and also at a weekly farmers' market every Saturday in the store parking lot. Your input and the commitment and patronage of the member-owners ultimately determines continued accomplishments. We are grateful for every one.

Many people are becoming concerned with the current state of food and the future of our food resources. More often lately we hear about the food industry and how it is contributing to health, environmental, social, and energy problems making it increasingly unsustainable. Corporations keep telling us that it is too expensive to produce food that is healthy, but the fact is that humans have done it for centuries without corporations and are learning to do it again. Food co-ops are springing up all over Minnesota and rural areas are at the leading edge of this push toward food security.

The central vision of Ideal Green Market Cooperative is to foster a community of neighbors who, by working together, can make healthy, local, and sustainable food & products accessible & affordable to our families and neighbors. Part of the way we'll foster that community is by providing information so that we all can become informed consumers and learn to make better choices to positively impact our own health, and also the health of our communities, our society, and our planet.


Ideal Green Market Cooperative
34988 County Rd. 39, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472
(in Ideal Corners)


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