Greetings Co-op Volunteers!

Our Drawing Winner for February is Claire McGuigan!  Congrats Claire on receiving a $10 coupon for use towards co-op purchases.  You all logged 84 volunteer hours in February (January was 94 hours).

We have 2 more trainings scheduled this month:
Tuesday, March 8, 1-3pm
Wednesday, March 16, 3-5pm

All are welcome to attend and get more info as well as those still needing orienting. It's helpful to know if you are coming to either/both of these so let me know. Thanks.

Two more of you are trained in on working the cash register and serving as all around host - welcoming people to the co-op.  AWESOME!  Thanks to Joan for helping train them in!  Be sure to sign up for when you can come and work, or at least provide me with a break.

Dick and Mary N. are great as a weekly cleaning crew on Thursday mornings before we open at 1pm.  We could use another pair to help share this duty with them so it's not a big burden on any one/two people.

A number of you have volunteered to help with the Grand Opening planning and that is under-way. Special Thanks to Pequot Lakes Sanitation (Taren Saccomen) for donation towards advertising costs with this event. AWESOME!

Remember we have weekly product deliveries on Tuesdays (around 10:30/11am) and Wednesdays (around 9:30am).  Sometimes they're smaller orders but they need to be checked in, priced, cleaned if produce and getting it all shelved ready to go for Thursday open.  PLEASE SIGN UP TO HELP!  It's been a little lonely last few weeks.

If you are traveling to Brainerd on Wednesday any time or Thursday mornings it would be great to connect with our egg people to pick up eggs from them to save them a trip up here.  Let me know if you're going and I'll connect you with them. They're happy to meet up somewhere in Brainerd.

More of you are regularly checking/hauling garbage, recycling, cleaning, etc. and that's VERY helpful!

Anyone willing to work getting produce ready to display/sell, let us know. Geoff and I can train you in on this to help share this load. Geoff is the king chop creator and can train others in on this.

John E is doing great with packaging bulk goods and it'd be good to have a few more on this duty, it's more sporadic though I imagine at some point will get busier.

Donna is doing great with over-seeing bulk herbs and spices and getting that all organized.

Special thanks to Joan and Kris for helping with volunteer trainings!

The more you take initiative to sign up on the calendar, the easier it is for me, and for our future General Manager (goal to have hired by April 15). Let's keep refining our boogie so its a breeze for the newbie!

OK, see you round.  Remember to sign up for the March drawing when you volunteer at least an hour each time you come.

I'm grateful to each of you for your friendship and commitment to bringing this co-op to life and keeping it going.

Co-op Coordinator, Barb


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