the following items at 40% off for all:  Mini wontons, Lime Skinny Dippers Tortillas, Jackson Honest Purple Chips and Regular Sea Salt Chips, Spectrum 100% Palm Oil Shortening (great for baking), Hemp Heart Toppers - Cinnamon Maple (nice addition to oatmeal, on your yogurt, fruit or cereal).

WHY REDUCED?  well, once product hits the "Best by xyz" date we will discount it (our informal policy on product).  So what does the "best by..." date really mean anyway?  Here's what I've learned from food producers:  this date marks the date the product has been TESTED to that they KNOW it's still good by.  It does not mean it isn't still good beyond that date, which MOST product actually is for quite some time.  It's a guideline.


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