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New friendships in the coming year

This is my first official week as manager of OUR fantastic co-op and I gotta say, I am a little bit nervous trying to fill Barb's shoes! She has done a fabulous job and we've made such a great team! I will miss her immensely!
I have spent the last year getting to know many of you and look forward to meeting and making new friendships in the coming year!

Thanks to those who make us a success

Thank you to those who helped with the 2nd Saturday Super Sampling!

It was another success and last one now until October after Farmers' Market is done.  It certainly helps sell product and you all did a great job - MJ & Barb W, and staff too!  

We will continue to offer samples on smaller scale during the week, as we've been doing, just not on Saturdays with the Farmers' Market running now through Sept.

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