New Signage

Part 1 of 2 sign installments is done on the building! Congrats to all of us for raising the funds this past summer-fall. Special THANKS to Taren and Robbie S. for prepping and installing the logo sign on the peak of the entry to the store! So Cool!
Part 2 "GROCERIES" sign will go up in the Spring when we can power wash the upper part of the building then install that sign.

Remodeling at the Co-op

We’re ready for our remodeling at the co-op! A new food safety prep area for bulk products. Let the FUN begin!  The electrician is here now, and the plumber is here Monday, Aug. 17 to begin their work!  Things are perking!

YOUR help is needed for demolition in preparation for the plumber on Monday, Aug. 17-20.

We know it’s short notice and that is how this works ... I’m learning!


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