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New or Back In Stock Feb 26

New or Back in Stock Oct. 16 - 19

Positively Third Street Bread will be back in stock Friday, late afternoon. Sourdough, Golden White, and Cranberry Wildrice.
New or Back in Stock:
* Jazz Apples
* Local Butter Cup Squash
* Golden Beets
* Japanese Sweet Potatoes
* Beauregard Yams
* Salad Girl Dairy Free Sassy Slaw Dressing
* Pecans - whole and pieces

New or Back in Stock, October 9 - 12

Fall/Winter Hours: WED thru FRI 11am to 6pm; SAT 10am to 3pm

The Ideal Green Market Board would like to invite all of our volunteers to a dinner to thank you and celebrate how far we have come since we opened in November of 2015. If you have volunteered once or twice we would love to treat you to a dinner to show our appreciation for your efforts.


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