KRAUT KRISPS by Farmhouse Culture

This product contains probiotic cultures with the first ingredient of the chips being sauerkraut!  They are surprisingly good with a light crisp to the chip.  We carry 5 flavors (dill pickle, white cheddar, sea salt, jalapeno, zesty veggie) and will sample them this week.  The company is based in Watsonville, CA & here is a bit about them:  We challenge convention to shake off the shackles of sleepy, static food. Side-by-side with those unsatisfied, we passionately champion food that is vibrant and alive, for we believe this is what helps us all thrive.


Kevita beverages, and melons too

Barb tried all 3 of the new Kevita beverages we got in last week and WOW! Both tonics, Meyer Lemon & Ginseng Mandarin, are FANTASTIC & refreshing. And the Mojito - lime, mint, coconut probiotic beverage is also very good! Thanks to those who recommended these.
Our glorious greens - local - are fantastic, as always. And the cantaloupe and watermelon are amazing!

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